Associated Actors and Technicians

Associated Actors and Technicians

Monday, May 6, 2013


It has always been in the best interest of AAT to first benefit it's members. That is why throughout the year, we host and promote different events specifically to our members. This year, we have had a crazy semester with academic and departmental demands, but that did not stop us from being a part of your experience.

We began our year with the opening social, just outside the Browning Center on the south side. This event was very well attended and also exciting for us. It was the first time in many of our AAT careers that the Opening Social took place so close to home. We will continue to celebrate the beginning of the semester in this location.

Our first real event was Play in a Day, a 24 hour play festival. Following the Opening Social, student writers met at an off campus location and began their 8 hour shift of writing a one act play. Professor, Jenny Kokai assisted our writers to create a world suited for their provided characters. The following morning, directors and actors received their script to begin rehearsals for the evening's performance. The show was well attended and professor Catherin Zublin stated, "I've seen a lot of Play in a Days and this was by far the best yet." We hope to continue this new standard of quickly created student work with the help of Professor input.

This year was the first ever New Student and Freshman Showcase. This event, held in BC113 allowed new-to-the-program students showcase their talent, and really get an opportunity to introduce themselves with the already acquainted upper-class. Students performed monologues, songs, dance, and even some technical showcases. This was such an exciting opportunity for me to see exactly what each new member brings to the table, and also just to see students in their element.

We hosted several Cabaret Nights, including;
  • Cabaret Nights
  • Alumni Cabaret
  • Holiday Cabaret
  • KCACTF Cabaret Nights
  • Cabaret of Change
  • Donor Cabaret and
  • Caba-RUNWAY
If you or someone you know attended a Cabaret, and enjoyed it, please continue to fill our seats. We love having a patronage for this event that is created solely for AAT members. And if you or someone you know would like to perform, there is a sign up sheet for 4-5 of the above Cabaret's. Anyone is welcome to perform, however, due paid members get first priority in performance slots.

This year we hosted 2 readings of original works. Never Wonderland by Shauna Ross her script was presented with a cast of 5 in the Shepard Union building. This reading gave her an opportunity to get both an outside perspective of her writing, but also a few opinions from the house. Her work was revised and produced the following semester in the 2013 Student Directed One Act Festival at WSU, directed by member, Jenessa Bowen. We also had the opportunity to present the reading for Girl of Glass, a script by Jennifer A. Kokai, in preparation of AAT's 2013-14 season. The show was read by 5 of our talented members, and designs for set, sound, costume, and lighting were presented by fellow students. The reading was very successful and many student showed their enthusiasm toward our upcoming season, in conjunction with WSU's new play season.

Every year, near graduation, AAT hosts an award show that always brings a few members to tears. We reminisce the year and different events, as well as exciting moments. Awards were presented for Outstanding Achievement in performance and design, as well as general existence in the department.

Categories and winners include:
  • Best Actress in a Production--Shawnee Johnson
  • Best Actor in a Production--Connor Padilla
  • Best Supporting Actress--Kalyn West
  • Best Supporting Actor--Luke Monday
  • Best Male Ensemble Member--Derek Williamson
  • Best Female Ensemble Member--Katie Jones
  • Best Scenic Design--Austin Hull
  • Best Costume Design--Kelsey Nichols
  • Best Lighting Design--Austin Hull
  • Best Properties Design--Alax Garner & David Higley
  • Best Multi-Media Design--Alex Thedell
  • Best Sound Design--Alex Thedell
  • Best Hair & Makeup Design--Alax Garner & Derek Williamson 
  • Best Stage Management--Alax Garner
  • Best Director--Trent Cox
  • Most Memorable Injury--Katie Jones
  • Outstanding Freshman--Amelia Moore
  • RM230 Award--Shelby

As part of the awards show, this year we also hosted our annual Caba-RUNWAY. In the same fashion as Play in a Day, designers met the night before to receive a design prompt, so that they could begin the next morning, well researched and thought out, to begin preparing their original garments for the evening's fashion show. A few curves were thrown this year, including a night-before pick of fabric (all that is chosen must be used), as well as a male model as part of the design prompt of Androgyny. The event was so very exciting with 3 designers and models, with the winner being our very own Derek Williamson (HUZZAH!).

With every new year, a new board must replace the previous. This year we are losing some good names to AAT. But their success will inspire our current members.

Our new AAT Board includes the following persons:
  • President: Bailee Paxman
  • Vice President: Derek Williamson
  • Secretary: Shawnee Johnson
  • Treasurer: Amelia Moore
  • Productions Manager: Taylor Knuth
  • Historian: Mandee Shaffer
  • Publicist: Tanner Rampton
In our new year we will appoint a Freshman Representative, from the freshman/new student class, after an interview process. There will also be a Student Affair Representative elected by AAT members. If either of these positions interest you, be sure to keep your eyes out for our owl.

We wish our recent Graduates the best of luck in all of your endeavors. We hope to stay on your couch one day when you're rich and famous.

Derek Williamson

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Alumni Cabaret

A little late, but still cool.

On Saturday October 27th, 2012, AAT hosted its first ever Alumni Cabaret. With the much appreciated help of Carol Biddle, we were able to throw an event unlike any other that I've seen in my time with AAT. Students current and old gathered downtown at the Eccles Arts Center and began to socialize. The goal of the event was to get graduated, alumni, students to have conversations with current students about success. Perhaps discuss what they didn't know but wish they did when entering the theatre world outside of Weber.

Carol graced us with enough funds (with the help of the Alumni Center, Lucky Heath, and many others, I'm sure) to have the event  catered with Wine and little snacky-bits from Roosters. The cabaret tables were set, candles lit, and Nic Maughan played beautiful undertones for our conversations to flourish.

David Spangenthal was our special guest for the evening. While no one alumni is more important than the other, David was our resident artist for the department. He was visiting from NYC to teach master classes and show students that success can happen to those that try.
Having David was such a treat. One AAT member, Rachel Schull, attended as well. This was especially exciting for me, personally, because Rachel had never been to a Cabaret before. I was determined to get her excited. I think I did, because she wrote this for me:

   For all my time here at Weber, this was my first cabaret experience. With how much I was truly impressed on this evening, I can only look back on past cabarets as missed experiences. I was so happy to see Weber alumni that have kept up their talent and passion for theatre. Each performer filled the room with their own energy and music. It was great to see my peers perform along side successful and seasoned actors including David Spangenthal. It was even more pleasing to see the performing similarities that only prove what we’re learning here at Weber is the path to a successful career in performing.
            Of coarse all the performers were amazing. From the jazzy melody by Jenny Carver Land, to my “secret” crush’s self written love song, to Maddie’s perfected performance of Meadowlark- everyone shined. The grand finale brought the house down as Spangenthal took us play by play of one memorable Broadway performance of Beauty and the Beast; and now we may never hear the lyrics “No pain could be deeper” ever the same.
            I thoroughly enjoyed myself that night and couldn’t be more proud of my peers! Great job everyone and thank you AAT for putting this together!

Thank you, Rachel, for attending. We really all had a blast. I look forward to seeing Alumni Cabaret become a yearly event. Maybe one day you will come back and showcase your success. Because we know you're going to be so successful! We all are!

Keep your schedules open for the Holiday Cabaret on December 8th. It will be held in BC230 at 8pm. More information to come!

Love always,
Derek Williamson
P.S. I'll add pictures later!

Monday, October 8, 2012


Over the past four years, AAT has produced a series of nights where Ten or more performers prepare songs, poetry, dance, monologues, etc. and perform them at the front of the room, in front of round tables, occupied by casual viewers.  These events have been titled Cabaret Nights, and have been wildly successful.

Last year was our first ever Halloween themed Cabaret entitled CaBOO!ret. It is a play on words that we're quite proud of. This event was so very exciting! We had performers that weren't associated with the department, we had performances that were directly related to the spooky theme of the year, and we had attendance that nearly busted our little BC230

CaBOO!ret is easily my favorite AAT event of the year. This is wildly due to the fact that I LOVE Halloween. As a co-producer this year (2011) I was honored to host this event with Shelby Andersen. That was very, very exciting!

And as much as I love this event, I have to say, I am EXTREMELY excited for our upcoming Cabaret on October 27th. This night will be titled, Alumni Cabaret. We will gather at the Eccles Arts Center in downtown Ogden and watch current AAT members as well as WSU DPA Alumni. HOW EXCITING IS THAT???



Monday, October 1, 2012

Maybe you were there, maybe you missed it–either way, the reading for Shauna's play rocked it! On Wednesday, September 26th, several students, and a few faculty members, joined in the wildcat lair to hear the brilliant sounds of actors reading... But not reading just anything. They were reading Neverwonderland. This is a new play by AAT and WSU's own, Shauna Ross.

Shauna is a Theatre Education major and has been an AAT member for several years. She recently took a class with Dr. Jenny Kokai in play writing, and began the process for her script. The play was very well received, and people are still raving about it! But what is not to love? Far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince in disguise!

The play is a treat, and one really should read it, but just to get you excited, here is a little thing: Neverwonderland is about a girl struggling with what is real, and what is her imagination. If you can, READ IT!

Shauna prepares her script for the new work "contest," of the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF) in February. This is especially exciting for AAT and WSU to get represented! And we know she'll do well with her beautifully written Neverwonderland.

Shauna, we wish you all the broken legs in the house. You deserve it!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So Much Soul, So Much Art.

You may have seen our posters around the Browning Center, and maybe a few on campus. These posters are for different events throughout the year and so far we've had a blast at all of them.

Just in case you missed them, let's recap.

1. Opening Social

Member new and old gathered in Veteren's Memorial Grove outside the BC to partake in yummy food, giggling, socializing, and games. President Trent Cox jumped on a rock and explained to those who don't know--what we are! We had a raffle for a free membership and this years winner was Maddie Tarbox!

2. Play in a Day

Our 24 hour play festival in which one act plays are written, rehearsed, and performed all in twenty four hours. Writers gathered the night before and put their brains to work writing really funny plays for the actors and the costumes they chose. Saturday morning directors and actors met, read the play, and began rehearsing.

We've heard from several sources that this Play in a Day was the most successful yet! AAT loves to hear that! We've also heard from a lot of your peers that it was really quite enjoyable. Several upperclassmen participated, and it was a really great opportunity for networking between classes.

3. Freshman Showcase

This is a new event for AAT. Trent Cox produced, Alax Garner co-produced this showcase of freshmen and new student work. Many performers had songs, but there was also a movement performance, a costume presentation, and several monologues. This event was so cool to attend, and really let us get to know a lot of the new students in our department!

4. Cabaret Nights

This event is yet to take place, but when it does, we hope that it will be well attended! My favorite thing about Cabaret is seeing my friends perform and exhibit passion. I love the passion AAT and the DPA has to offer. So much soul, so much art. Cabaret Nights is this Saturday, September 22nd at 8pm in BC230. I really hope to see a lot of your happy faces either watching or performing!

5. New Play Reading

I am especially excited for this event! Shauna Ross has written a new play, Neverwonderland, and we're stoked to facilitate a reading/talk back to strengthen her work and prepare it for KCACTF submission. We hope Shauna all the best and we hope to see you there!

This year is off to an amazing start! I cannot express how AAT is thriving. We look forward to your involvement and support.

Thank you,
Derek Williamson.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Hey, guys! Don't forget to take a trip up to the DPA office and pick up your membership card! On Friday 2nd, we're giving out free AAT key chains for those who present their membership cards!